RAMADAN in DUBAI 2019: holiness and tradition

Bastakia, Dubai, UAE
Per person AED414.75
  • Historic Buildings
  • Access for disabled
  • Groups allowed
  • Tour guides


Intercultural awareness is about understanding each other’s culture, and Ramadan in Dubai is a big part of this city’s values . We want you to have the best of it and explore its roots


Learn more about the religious part of the culture. Experience the significance of  celebrating RAMADAN  in Dubai.

Ramadan in Dubai: feel the spirituality of the city!

By joining us for a Cultural Iftar ( break fast in Ramadan ), you will find yourself in the courtyard of our wind-tower house in the heart of Al Fahidi District, the Historical Emirati neighborhood.  Start your evening with the “Athan” (the call to prayer) followed by breaking the fast with your Emirati host. Savour Arabic coffee and dates, then take a moment to watch your host’s sacred prayer. Then comes the feast, a delicious array of Emirati dishes are served for the Ramadan Iftar.
During the event, we invite you to ask any questions you may have about Ramadan, the culture or the traditions of the UAE.

After “Ramadan Iftar”, join us for a visit to the “Diwan” Mosque. After that, return to the house for traditional desserts and tea.

The holly month of Ramadan is the perfect time to spot the authentic Dubai’s spiritual values. With us, you will be immersed in the very heart of  Ramadan’s spirit! Let us be your guide to the Islamic most emblematic and sacred celebration and share the moment with your Emirati host.

Be there and feel it!!!


We are happy to have your kids joining our Iftar celebration – let them have fun  while they learn and experience the Holy Month! Lots of activities including storytelling, art and crafts and live falconry are awaiting them!



Pick up time: 16:00 pm

Pick up Location: Your Hotel

We are gathering for the Iftar Events  approximately 15 minutes before the call to the Sunset prayer every evening from May 2019 to the June, 2019.

*Time to reach Al Fahidi District - Bastakia:   50 minutes

*Children 6-12 y/o

*Children under 6 y/o - free of charge

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or call us for your Private Group or for your Organization.